Where You Cannot Transmit,
Scan, or Communicate,
Saltenna can help
Make previously impossible transmissions, communications, and imaging possible. Or, enhance your current platform’s performance by 10-100x, additionally with SWaP-C benefit. 99.999% operationally available and reliable. We build novel, game changing antenna systems and your major projects around them, to provide superior availability and reliability through the harshest environments. “If you can scan, communicate, or transmit-receive through seawater and metal faraday-caged walls, you can do so through anything.”
– Saltenna VP
Specializing in advanced
electromagnetics and
metamaterials, producing
superior antenna technology
“We are NOT acoustics or conventional RF. We harness SURFACE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES which ‘transmit’ differently through and across boundaries that those other waves cannot.
This produces capabilities that have NEVER been done before; in real-time, high data rate, high-frequency/broad-band RF communications and imaging, under seawater and across metal materials.”
– Saltenna VP
Never achieved before wireless, live technologies! Secure communications, dielectrically differentiated imaging, and controls:

1) in seawater, even deep and far (over-the-horizon OTH)

2) through SCIFs, STTW/GPR, and metal containers

3) Navy/military - OTH, underwater (even from UAVs), and low-probability-of-intercept (LPI) and jamming

4) security for airports, maritime, seaports, shipping containers, bio/tissue

5) replace inferior 4/5G with Saltenna “FutureG”

6) Space - across hypersonic plasma layers

7) Superior alternative to anything using antennas: internet, radio, phone, GPS, metal detector, medical scanner, fish finder, depth sounder, etc.
& Imaging
High-frequency/Broad-band RF communications between underwater unmanned assets over distances.
Saltenna has developed several patented antenna systems which significantly increase capacity for RF signal transmissions in undersea environments and in forthcoming 5G networks. These provide a considerable size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) advantage over current commercial options.
Sense-through-the walls, SCIF communications, & penetrating RADAR/Imaging RF communication through conductive enclosures and secure workspaces (warehouses, shipping containers)

Surface wave-based broadband underwater radio communication and imaging

Download our PowerPoint Presentation Here Key Messages Saltenna is engaged in several DARPA sponsored advanced research and development projects, such... Learn more about our Technology
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Enabling High bandwidth Wireless Communication through Seawater and Conductive Enclosures

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“Thank you to our trusted customers: government organizations and large prime contractors.” – Saltenna VP
  • Military Officer

    “This is the exact kind of technology I was charged to find. I could NOT, till now.”

    Military Officer

  • Sr. Tech. Point of Contact at Government

    “I’m really excited about this technology (re: communicating through conductive metal enclosures). …looking forward to sharing it further with my colleagues for other applications!”

    Sr. Tech. Point of Contact at Government

  • Principle Engineer at a large prime contractor

    “I am tasked with developing leading edge communications and navigations systems and transitioning those technologies to our product lines. The technology that Saltenna has to offer represents an exciting opportunity to improve underwater transmitter and receiver technology as well as communication algorithms and I am very interested in integrating their capabilities.”

    Principle Engineer at a large prime contractor

  • Principle Engineer at a large prime contractor

    “Saltenna supplies innovative solutions for non-acoustic underwater communications. These solutions are very applicable to current work and to future improvements.”

    Principle Engineer at a large prime contractor

  • Principle Engineer at a large prime contractor

    “I am happy to recommend Saltenna…believing in both the necessity of the success of their projects and also in their ability to implement them. Their combined experience and design methodology are well suited to the tasks, and I look forward to learning about their results.”

    Principle Engineer at a large prime contractor

  • Dendy

    “Saltenna envisions a future where we can see and communicate clearly through seawater, walls, and metal structures.  We want to make our military and civilian customers more efficient and productive.”


  • Saltenna CTO

    “If you can communicate and image through seawater and metal (e.g., metal faraday caged walls and SCIFs), you can communicate through anything.”



    Saltenna CTO

  • Saltenna VP

    “Our methods are safer to human and wildlife. They enhance sustainability, requiring less energy consumption, with benefits in size, weight, and power.”

    Saltenna VP

  • Saltenna VP

    “Saltenna is improving mesh networks – human communication and computer-based networking across the globe, EVEN its portion underwater.”

    Saltenna VP

The Saltenna Advantage: Where You Cannot Transmit, Scan, or Communicate, We Can Help.

Our Team

Saltenna is a small business based near Washington, D.C. Our skills are primarily in antenna design and advanced electromagnetics. Saltenna has multiple DARPA-sponsorships and contracts with large primes. We are Tech Ready Level, TRL-4, progressing to TRL-6 and hold multiple patents. Our work is peer-reviewed by IEEE, PIER, and MS&E.

  • Dendy Young

  • Dr. Igor Smolyaninov

  • Dr. Quirino Balzano

    Research Scientist
  • Mark Barry


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