Where or when you cannot sense, scan or communicate, contact Saltenna.

Saltenna Technology

We utilize Plasmonics to transmit through seawater, ground, metal walls, and more.

We specialize in Advanced Electromagnetics and Metamaterials to produce performance enhancing Plasmonics antenna-like devices and technologies.

Saltenna was Highlighted at USSOCOM's Trident Spectre 2022

381 vendors applied,  75 were selected, and only 4 were highlighted to Distinguished Visitors at USSOCOM’s premier event in search of game-changing & disruptive technology.

What We Do
About Saltenna

Underwater & Along the Surfaces

 Plasmonics provide physically secure, undetectable, RADAR, broadband video, voice, and data communications from submerged machine to machine. Demonstrations available.

Saltenna can communicate in terrestrial environments.


Communications and imaging through fortified underground bunkers and tunnels, harnessing the power of Plasmonics.

Saltenna's technology has endless capabilities.

Potential Capabilities

From transmitting through metal walls to medical imaging to oil and gas applications, over-the-horizon (OTH) RADAR, terrestrial RADAR, and more.

Saltenna can fully customize communications solutions.

Plasmonic-Based Designs

You give us the desired objectives (variables: material, power, bandwidth, distance, depth, etc.) and what you’d like to achieve, and we will engineer a solution of optimized Plasmonics.

Mission & Vision

Saltenna is committed to providing innovative communication technology to the government, military, and commercial sectors. Through patented technology that harnesses the power of plasmonics, Saltenna’s technology makes communication in the harshest environments possible. 

Saltenna Communication Technology

Our Technology is plasmonics communication

We pride ourselves on making previously impossible transmissions, communications, and imaging possible and 99.999% operationally available and reliable. We build novel, game changing antenna-like devices and systems to provide superior performance in the harshest environments.

Plasmonics: surfaces, a new way to communicate

We use Plasmonics to transmit high bandwidth data. Due to a different physical mechanism of transmission, we can communicate in environments that traditional RF, acoustics, and lasers traditionally underperform or fail.

Transmit through or along the surface of seawater

We have developed several patented antenna-like devices and systems which significantly increase capacity for high-frequency RF signal transmissions through or along the surface of seawater, while providing a considerable performance advantage over other currently used undersea communication techniques. Based on initial testing, our technology provides 10-100 times improvement in size, weight, and power applications maintaining superior performance over our competitors

Breaching or enhancing secure physical environments

Sense-through walls, communications through or within secure workspaces, and penetrating RADAR/Imaging with dielectric characterization. Add secure resiliency to your communications system. Or, just improve the Wi-Fi in your building, home, or warehouse (“FutureG”).


The Saltenna Advantage

Saltenna makes previously impossible transmissions, communications, and imaging possible. Our proprietary technology also has the ability to enhance your current platform’s performance by 10-100x with SWaP-C benefit. We build novel, game changing antenna-like devices and systems to provide superior performance in the harshest environments.


Plasmonic radios: Underwater, underground, canopies, and more

Saltenna utilizes novel patented antenna-like devices that use plasmonics, which transmit in a unique pathway through free space.




Superior Underwater Defense (Submarine tech, UUVs, etc.)

Submarines, UUVs, and other underwater defense machines equipped with Saltenna’s technology can out perform conventional communication.




5G/Wi-Fi through Conductive Enclosures and Secure Workspaces

Due to the unique way in which plasmonics transmit, 5G/Wi-fi can be transmitted through conductive enclosures and secure workspaces.



RADAR - Ground Penetrating and Through Sea Water

Imaging in a myriad of environments: underwater, fortified bunkers, tunnels, and more!





Sensing through the Walls - Dielectric Characterization

See how Saltenna’s technology can penetrate walls and bunkers of secure environment





Real-time Diver Health monitoring and communication

Saltenna’s plug and play system allows for real-time diver health monitoring and communication!





Saltenna Industry Leading Partnerships:

DARPA, DTRA, USSOCOM, USSOCOM JVAB, ONR, NSWC Carderock, and Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation.


“Novel, differentiated, superior technology…high bandwidth and non-line-of-sight transmissions…GAME CHANGING technology for communications…major accomplishment in the field of underwater/alternate transmission communications.”

Trident Spectre '22 Assesor

“I have 25 years of related experience…to my knowledge, the technology that I witnessed does not exist, outside of Saltenna.”

Secure Workspace Security Expert

“Biggest breakthrough in electromagnetics in 60 years”

DARPA Program Manager

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To discuss how our new antenna-like devices can be applied to your project, please contact Dennis Defensor at: dennis.defensor@saltenna.com or call (703) 409-8136