Our Technology

Game-Changing plasmonics communication

Terrestrial (incl. Penetrating)

Communications & imaging through fortified underground bunkers and tunnels, using Plasmonic Surface Electromagnetic Waves (P-SEW), aka Plasmonics

Underwater & Surfaced

P-SEW provide physically secure, undetectable, broadband voice and data communications from submerged machine to machine (whether submerged, on land, or in air)

Other Innovations

From transmitting through metal cages to medical imaging to oil & gas applications, what can the power of P-SEW help you with today?

Terrestrial (incl. Penetrating) – even RADAR

Imaging and communication through or within fortified tunnels or bunkers

Our technology can transmit high bandwidth RF communications through fortified bunkers, including imaging, video, and RADAR.

Dielectric characterization

Characterize dielectric materials while imaging: biological, metal, plastic, etc. 

"FutureG" wi-fi & sensing through the walls (STTW)

Communications & imaging can be provided in complex building environments (metals, clay, concrete, other buildable materials) using our plasmonic surface electromagnetic waves (P-SEWs), even through secure workspaces.

Underwater & Surfaced – beyond the horizon

Design & build smarter using surfaces

Our technology uses P-SEWs that use conductivity mismatches (e.g., air-sea or sea-seafloor interfaces, metal-air, subterrannean stratified ground layers, etc.) to transmit high bandwidth data  or dielectric imaging, far exceeding traditional skin-depth estimates.

SAFE for marine-life

Traditional acoustic communication can be incredibly disruptive for marine wildlife, particularly mammals that use acoustics to communicate. P-SEWs are tightly coupled to the ocean’s surface, which doesn’t disturb via marine-life SAFE RF.

Lower size, weight, power yet more effective

In comparison to conventional RF, acoustic, or laser configurations, Saltenna’s antenna-like devices provide at least 10-100x improvement, while not sharing their challenges in related environments.

Other P-SEW Innovations

The adaptability of our antenna-like devices is unprecedented and can be used in a wide-variety of settings from the ocean’s depths to space. Please contact us to discuss ways Saltenna can help you sense, scan, or communicate!

Improving 5G - expanded coverage and through conductive enclosures

Continuous communications through hypersonic plasma

Medical imaging

How can we help you today?