Where you cannot transmit, scan, or communicate, we can help

We customize and install novel, game-changing antenna systems into any project as the prime or sub-contractor, to provide superior availability and reliability for your transmit-receive, scanning, or communications needs through the most complicated environments. Make previously impossible transmissions, imaging, and communications possible. Enhance your current platform’s performance by 2-100 times. Substantial SWaP-C (size, weight, and…

Specializing in advanced electromagnetics and metamaterials, producing superior antenna technology

“We are NOT acoustics or conventional RF. We harness surface electromagnetic waves which ‘transmit’ differently through and across boundaries that those other waves cannot. This produces capabilities that have NEVER been done before; in real-time, high data rate, high-frequency/broad-band RF communications and imaging, under seawater and across metal materials. ” – Saltenna VP

Underwater Communications

High-frequency/Broad-band RF communications between underwater unmanned assets over distances. Saltenna has developed several patented antenna systems which significantly increase capacity for RF signal transmissions in undersea environments and in forthcoming 5G networks. These provide a considerable size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) advantage over current commercial options. Saltenna LLC technology is based on surface electromagnetic…