High-frequency/Broad-band RF communications between underwater unmanned assets over distances.
Saltenna has developed several patented antenna systems which significantly increase capacity for RF signal transmissions in undersea environments and in forthcoming 5G networks. These provide a considerable size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) advantage over current commercial options.

Saltenna LLC technology is based on surface electromagnetic waves which propagate along surfaces. Since the RF field of the surface electromagnetic waves is present both above and below the seawater surface, Saltenna technology permits RF communications through the seawater barrier, thus enabling, for example, UAV-to-UUV communication.

These systems, which are ready for operational demonstrations, permit communications and imaging through conductive media, including metal and seawater for a broad range of signal types. Based on initial testing, Saltenna technologies, for underwater communications, provide at least 100 times power improvement compared to conventional antenna configurations.

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